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Vash "The Stampede"

Rem Saverem

UP IN SMOKE (P.S., this is where I got my Trigun pics!!)

Trigun is set in the far future, methinks. When Earth became inhabitable, a group of colonists put themselves in cyrogenic freezing while other people looked for a habitable planet. This was the Project Seeds. Two boys (not quite human...read Vash's Bio) were born but were considered unhuman by one particularly perverse and mean crew member. Eventually, this royally pissed off one of the boys and he killed the entire Project save his brother and a fraction of the humans, who lived only because of one woman's sacrifice (see "Rem"). The two brothers grew to hate each other and eventually parted way.
Fifty (???) years later, someone by the name of "Vash the Stampede" is causing some serious trouble for the Bernardelli Insurance company and the company sends out two of their best agents: Milly Thompson and Meryl Strife.
And so begins (in my opinion) one of the best anime/manga in history. Trigun is loved over the world for both its killer fight scenes, drop-dead gorgeous art, characters you can either hate or love, and slap-stick comedy. Trigun is currently playing on Adult Swim.

Trigun is owned by...hell, I don't KNOW! I do know, however, it is a manga, and apparently drawn and produced by SOMEBODY, but not even the best Trigun sites out there say who owns/draws/created Trigun...magic, perhaps? @.@