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The Thorough Report

Fear my pixie! MWA-HA!! (pixie was from Neko!!)

Chibi here!! THE BLACK LIST is a list (duh) of all people who put rude or explicit comments on my Guestbook, use my character without permission, plug this site unto their own without permission, or email Siona with repeated flamings. THE BLACK LIST originated on the site, ~East - A Kaioshin Shrine by Kaioshin no Miko. Very good site. Siona and I (ME ESPECIALLY), don't take too kindly to such flaming. So she and I took a clue from Miko-san and made up a BLACK LIST. Arigato to Miko-san and her own evil twin, Evil Kaioshin no Miko (my idol. *.*)
The offenders names, emails, web address, and wrongdoings (flaming, Chibi-napping, etc.) will be put up until the person apologizes. Then the words "--- HAS APOLOGIZED!!!" will appear and the site and email will be removed. Good day...and don't get on my bad side. -_-