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The Thorough Report

Fufufufu...it's too late...you cannot escape...

Here you shall find small shrines of info on all of my favorite characters in the worlds of anime/manga, TV, movies, and comics. Each shrine comes with stuff about the character, their series, a pic or two, and finished off with links for both the series and the featured character. Please leave NICE comments on the Guestbook and on your emails to me, perty please!!
And do watch out for Chibi, the fox demon that wanders around the site pointing out the crappy things about it. You'll know she's there when you see typing all in bold. But she is good company, and is the guardian of...THE BLACK LIST.

Disclaimer and Claimer:
Disclaimer!! None of these characters are mine, I just kinda, sorta, totally love them. ^^ They are property of whoever created them or currently owns them.
However, the little fox running round here, Chibi? She is mine, and mine alone.

Updated...September 7th, 2003:
Seta Soujiro's bio added to "Rurouni Kenshin".

Hey, look, people DO come to this site!!! O-O